Welcome to the Municipal Group of Valuers.

The Municipal Group of Valuers MGV is the peak industry body for valuers providing services to local government. MGV plays a pivotal role in provision and advancement of rating valuations in Victoria.

Key focus areas include:

  • Provision of education and training for rating valuers
  • Liaison with state government agencies on rating
    and valuation matters
  • Advice to local and state government in relation
    to legislative amendments and policy issues
  • Advocacy on behalf of rating valuers and rating authorities
  • Collection and dissemination of market information in relation to specialist and high value property types
  • Preparation of technical guidance papers

MGV has a membership of over 200. Historically our membership was made up predominantly of valuers working for Councils however in recent years, with the increase in outsourcing of rating valuation services, an increasing proportion of our members are employed by private sector valuation firms.

The Group is managed by an elected executive group and all positions are honorary.

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