CPV Study Program

Each year the MGV proudly present the CPV Program, a training program specifically designed for graduate and RPV valuers looking to gain exposure to important cross-sections of the property valuation industry and ultimately achieve CPV accreditation.

Certified Practising Valuers must sit a ‘Viva Voce’ examination and be tested across an expansive knowledge base and all too often their early careers are focused just on one skillset or asset class.

We provide a comprehensive program, presented over a number of sessions by highly experienced industry leaders and experts in their field. Topic by topic we cover the knowledge base required to pass a professional examination along with tips on how best to present that knowledge and gain the most from the process.

In 2023 our course includes eight fortnightly two-hour presentations, some online and some in person, coving Residential, Englobo, Retail, Industrial, Rural, Compulsory Acquisition, Report Writing and Viva Preparation Tips. We talk to real examiners who are more than happy to share what their looking for in a future CPV candidate.

It’s important to remember our candidates attend the CPV Program sessions with their immediate peers – the future of our industry. The relationships built and networking opportunities available are most often the subject of our best feedback, and some of those relationship will last across time and career changes, long after the last class comes to a close.

We welcome all future CPV candidates, and if getting qualified is your goal, we encourage you to reach out and have a chat with one of our course coordinators about getting involved.

Email: mgvtraining@outlook.com