2019 Country Conference Lorne

The MGV annual country conference for 2019 was held at Mantra Lorne from Wednesday 16th October 2019 to Friday 18th October 2019.  A fantastic conference enjoyed by over 150 attendees.

The full MGV 2019 Country Conference Program is here.

Thank you to all of our guests who provided insightful presentations which they have kindly provided for your perusal below:

API Update – Amelia Hodge – API Chief Executive Officer API Presentation

Dr Nicole Johnston, Senior Lecturer Deakin University – Examining Defects in Residential Buildings Nicole Johnston MGV Country Conference Presentation

Maddocks Legal Update –Maddocks MGV Presentation Thursday – 2019

2018 MGV Emerging Leader, Layla Bray (Matheson Stephen Valuations) Current and Future Considerations of service station site contamination Layla Bray Presentation

VCAT Update -Senior Member Jacono –MGV Oct 19 presentation

Legislation Changes to VLA Section 2(8) and 2 (9) – Chris Cantor (Maddocks), Brian Robinson (Westlink Consulting) and David Slicer (Senior Valuer, Valuer General Victoria) Heritage Presentation

Glen Lampard, Director Charter Keck Cramer – Economic Update Presentation

2018 Aspiring Expert – Biana Schewtschenko (Westlink Consulting) and David Litwin (Maddocks) Infrastructure Contribution Plan Country Conference Presentation ICP

The Thursday night dinner included Life member induction, Maddocks award presentations, Foot Tipping presentations and Trivia.

Congratulations to long time member and past chairman of our group (1994/1995)  in Greg Stevens, who was inducted as a life member into the MGV at the country conference on 17th October 2019.

Congratulations also to Maddocks’ Award winners, Gino Mitrione of City of Whittlesea  for Mentor of the Year Award and to Tessa Leigh-Lancaster of Westlink for Aspiring Expert of the Year Award. The MGV would like to thank Maddocks continual support of these awards and the MGV.